Custom Skincare Manufacturing


Since our factory refurbishment in 2012, Pauling Industries has emerged as one of New Zealand’s premier professional private label skincare manufacturers. Boasting a diverse product portfolio, state of the art processing facilities and an organic certification, we offer an unrivaled service that will put your brand on the map.

Pauling can help manufacture and pack a very wide range of products from creams, eye gels and serums, cleansers, facial masks.

Premium Skincare Manufacturers


When you elect to have a private label skincare product developed by us, you are guaranteed professional quality at all levels and stages of the manufacturing process. We understand that in a competitive industry, quality is what makes you stand out from the rest. Because of this, our manufacturing processes have been refined to ensure that nothing less than world class products roll off the production line.

As one of New Zealand’s major professional manufacturers of private label skincare and cosmetics products, we have developed products for some of the world’s leading brands, as well as several exclusive, high-end organic skincare companies. Our experience with these industry leaders mean we are well versed in developing and manufacturing premium products that meet and exceed the highest international quality standards.

Custom Formulation Process


Perhaps the aspect of our company that truly sets us apart from other professional private label cosmetics and skincare manufacturers is the highly individualised way we approach the formulation process. We recognize each brand is different, with its own vision, goal and ethos. That’s why we tailor our services to the needs of each client on a case by case basis. Our custom processes mean that no two clients have the same manufacturing experience with us, as we develop each product from the ground up. What that means is that at the end of our process, you will have a truly unique product that has been custom developed to be in perfect sync with your brand.

Keeping it Natural


Over the last 20 years, natural skincare has exploded in popularity. With more and more consumers turning to natural alternatives, genuine organic skincare and cosmetics now represent a huge part of the industry. Pauling Industries is proud to be a certified organic skincare manufacturer and can help your produce truly natural products in line with the ethos and integrity of your company.