Medical and Veterinary Product Manufacturing

Develop nothing but the very best.

The combination of our stringent quality control measures, and highly specialised manufacturing processes position us ideally to offer complete product development solutions for companies in the medical and veterinary industries. We understand quality control is of crucial importance in these industries, so our rigorous processes, combined with state of the art manufacturing technology make our laboratories and factory the ideal places to develop medicinal products.

The sorts of products that we can help you produce in this category are insect repellents, medical grade detergents, medical and healing creams, sunscreens, holistic products and herbal animal remedies among a wide range of other items.

A Unique Process


We will help you develop your product from the ground up so you can market it with the confidence that there is truly no other formulation out there like it. This process begins in the lab, where our chemists will help you formulate a product which aligns with the vision and needs of your brand. From there, your product will undergo out rigorous testing procedures, to ensure the formulation is nothing less than ideal. During the production process, your product will be manufactured in our new factory, which has been purpose built to address the specific manufacturing needs of medical and veterinary products. Finally, your product will be carefully packed and transported to your warehouse, ready for labelling and packaging.