Personal Care and Toiletries

We understand the pressures of developing a truly unique product, so we have developed an individualised formulation and production process to help you create a product that is as innovative and original as your brand. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities also allow for a diverse range of packing options.

Pauling can help companies manufacture and pack liquid toiletries such as toothpastes, shaving creams, moisturisers and personal skincare, and much more.

Individualised Development


Our company is distinguished by our unique approach to development and manufacturing which allows us to create a product that’s in sync with your brand. Whether you want to create an exclusive range of products for limited release or want to launch your organic brand worldwide, Pauling Industries will tailor our processes to produce the quality and innovation your brand deserves.

Our individualised process starts in the laboratory, where our onsite FTE chemists will help you develop a product from the ground up. From there, your formulation will be brought to our state of the art factory to begin production, and will then be safely packed and transported for you to package and market.

Organic Certification


As a certified organic company, we can help you develop and manufacture natural products with integrity. Using the finest natural ingredients, and the latest industry specific technology, we can create organic products that make the most of both nature and science.