How to create the perfect product begins with accurate and quality formulations.

At Pauling Industries, our custom formulation process is what truly sets us apart from the rest. We recognise each brand is different, with its own vision, goals and ethos, which is why we follow a highly individualised approach.

Formulation  Ideas

We treat every product to be truly unique in perfect sync with your brand.

We specifically tailor our services to the needs of each client on a case by case basis, developing and manufacturing each product from the ground up.

This custom formulation process delivers you with formula and laboratory samples of your product. Then, so we can get it just right, we’ll gather your feedback and finalise your project overview, with costs and materials.

Our three onsite FTE chemists will help you formulate the ideal product from scratch. This ensures that by the end of the process, every client has a truly unique product that has been custom developed to be in perfect sync with their brand. 

We develop nothing but the very best.