Reducing emissions is good for the environment and good for business. Actively participating in the creation of a pathway to a low carbon future, is positive for all New Zealanders.


Water & Wildlife

Water is essential to our country, our business and the communities we operate in. We believe that every drop counts and we support multiple uses of water while ensuring cultural and ecological requirements are met.



Putting Control in our Customers Hands

We enable customers to monitor the full cycle of production with status updates and full online allowance for communication, order placement, status updates and more.


Renewable Energy

Here at Pauling Industries we are proud to have laid our first solar panels at our plant in Auckland, New Zealand taking another step in our commitment to renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint.


At our facility we also utilise the natural light as much as possible through our floor to ceiling windows and inbuilt sky lights.

Reducing Water Consumption

At Pauling Industries we are committed to water reduction used to cool, clean and process all of the products we manufacture.


To achieve this, the Company is channelling its efforts into a multipronged approach involving respectful use of the resource – minimised to a needs-only basis and development of water reuse and recycling projects on Pauling Industries sites.

At Pauling Industries, water, as an essential component in creating and using our products, is at the heart of our business.


Our ability to operate effectively and meet all the needs of our consumers depends on sustainable water access, management and conservation. That’s why Pauling Industries has committed for years to ensure contribution to high water quality and sustainable water quantity across all its value chain, and throughout the communities we serve and operate in. We strive to achieve these outcomes through collective actions.


A Recognised Approach to Sustainable Water Management

Pauling Industries prioritises responsible water use within its manufacturing operations by minimising its water requirements and taking into account the local availability of this vital resource.


Optimising Water Consumption

Pauling uses the inhouse methodology in its plant to categorise the diverse types of water use (cleaning, cooling, lavatories, etc.) and identify how much water is consumed within each category.


Promoting Water Reuse and Recycling On Site

We currently have a rain water project underway at our site which aims to capture the rain water and cycles it back into our lavatories.