Our Story

Founded in 1990 in Auckland, Pauling Industries was named after Linus Pauling an American Peace Activist and Quantum Chemist.

Pauling was recognised for being one of the best in his field and at Pauling Industries we’re the best at what we do too. Over the last 30 years, Pauling Industries has continued to grow and adapt to ensure we offer our clients the best possible service that reflects emerging trends and technology.

Our Story Ideas

Who We Are

Since 1990, we’ve worked alongside small and large business to make their product dreams a reality. We remain committed to providing our clients with excellence and the best products and service in the industry.

  • Innovative

    To be truly innovative, an enterprise must undertake the solemn path to retain open business practices throughout the research and development journey alongside their stakeholders. Pauling Industries are fully committed on employing such approach for all existing and new clients.

  • Transparent

    Transparency and accountability are at the centre of Pauling Industries’ ethos. It is this transparency that allows us to communicate openly with our clients to not only meet but exceed expectations. This drives accountability, which subsequently promotes a customer-focused culture and active client engagement.

  • Commited

    Innovation and transparency alone are not sufficient to bring about positive genuine customer experience. Our colleagues, managers, staff and team collectively strive for excellence on daily basis manifesting as the gold standard in skincare and health products contract manufacturing.