Contract Skincare and Cosmetics Packers

After the formulation and manufacturing phases are complete, our contract packers will box the skincare or cosmetics products so that they are ready for packaging and labeling in your warehouse.

Complex Manufacturing Capabilities


In 2012, we refurbished our factory floor, bringing in new machinery and facilities that are purpose built for the manufacture of cosmetics and skincare. With this upgrade, Pauling Industries has become distinguished within New Zealand and internationally for providing dynamic, versatile and unique manufacturing solutions for makeup and skincare.

A particularly impressive feature of our new machinery is the wide array of packaging it can be adapted to work with. We can now facilitate a wide range of packing options, from tiny pots for eye cream through to large pump action bottles that contain liquid makeup. Our contract packing capabilities include:

  • Creams: There are a range of packing options for skincare and cosmetics which come in cream form including pots, tubes and jars, all of which can be managed by our machines.
  • Liquids: for products such as liquid makeup, bottles with a pump action tend to be the most popular choice. Our machinery is capable of packaging liquid products in a range of bottle shapes and sizes. Our contract packers will ensure that liquid makeup arrives in your warehouse safely without leakage.
  • Serum: Serums fall somewhere between a liquid and a cream, and can be packaged in a wide variety of ways, whichever method you choose, our machinery has the capability to produce.


From Labelling to Packing and Distribution


Pauling provides coding, labelling and packaging services – whether it be into tubes, pots, sticks, containers or bottles. Our packers can box your products so that they are ready for distribution. Many of our clients prefer this style of service, as it allows them to develop ‘on message’ packaging that best represents their brand, and allows us to focus all of our attentions on maintaining the quality and integrity of the product itself.

For more information on our capabilities as contract cosmetic and skincare packers, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +64 (0)9 969 4996.